Drop Ship Program

Drop Shipping

Become a COSMOBD.Com drop shipper and start selling without the hassle of carrying inventory, warehouse fulfillment and shipping.  Let us do all the work, here are some features and benefits.

  1. Instantly get access to 13,000+ SKUs
  2. Access to product images and inventory files (updated hourly)
  3. Ability to upload order files anytime.
  4. Ship anywhere in Bangladesh
  5. Easy no hassle setup

We made it easy and simple to get you up and running.  We’ll provide you with guidance to get you started.

To apply for dropship cosmetics and beauty products suppliers, copy and paste the following questions to your email program and reply back your answers to info@comobd.com

Once we review your answers, you will be notified by our decision by email.  Until then, please be patient all applications will be answered.


1>    Do you currently drop ship? Which Products?

2>    How and where do you intend to market/advertise?

3>    What country do you mainly sell or want to sell in?

4>    What are your current monthly sales in equivalent TAKA  amount?

5>    How many drop ship orders do you estimate will be placed with us per month?

6>    How much do you estimate the average drop ship order amount will be?

7>    Will you pay by credit card, PayPal or bank wire?

8>    What brands/product are you most interested in buying?

9>    Who is your current supplier/drop shipper and why do you want to change?

10> Is there any brands would you like to see in COSMOBD.com that we currently don’t offer?

11> How did you hear about us?

12> Do you want to add any comment or concerns?